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Badami Lamb Korma

Shrimp korma juicy shrimps cooked in cream sauce with cashew nuts.

Badami lamb korma. Or come inside and sit in our restaurant where you can bring your own beer. Lamb punjabi curry lammfile i en sas av loek tomat ingefaera koriander och groen chili. In india the same initial method is used to cook korma though it varies when lamb or chicken is marinated in yogurt. Lamb cooked in a creamy almond saucecontains nuts.

4 papadoms chutney starters. Lamb korma 645. Traditional indian rice pudding made with raisins and nuts 295. Prawn masala juicy shrimps prepared in tomato onion curry with diced green peppers.

Patties of fresh homemade cheese in sweetened milk served cold. Lamb curry cubes of lamb cooked in a light sauce read more. 1 chicken tikka masalla 1 prawn patia 1 chicken chicken badhonia 1 lamb rezala side dishes 1 sag aloo 1 mushroom bhaji 4 pilau rice 2 nan. Tender chunks of meat cooked in a herb and tomato sauce with a butter tastecontains nuts.

Try our unique flavours with our extensive spice pallet by visiting our site to see our indian takeaway menu and order online. Biryani dishes special mixed chicken chicken tikka beef prawn mushrooms chicken kofta chicken meatballs special mixed tikka chicken tikka lamb tikka lamb chops king prawn tikka rice dish stir fried with egg onion spices served with curry sauce garnished with red onion tomato cucumber lemon. 1 chicken tikka 1 sheek kebab 1 chicken roll 1 onion bhaji main course. Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a blend of creamy yogurt and fresh coriander.

Tandoori chicken tikka kycklingfile marinerad i lime yoghurt och tandoori masala. We have been family owned and run since july 1996. Chicken cooked in mildly spiced curry creamy almond and cashew sauce with a dash of saffron. Shrimp vindaloo spicy lover shrimps cooked in a hot tangy sauce with potatoes red chilies and vinegar.

Korma probably evolved from the persian meat dish koresh where only ghee or oil is used in the initial cooking with garlic ginger and onion. Badami chicken kycklingbroest med mandel kardemumma och graeddig tomatsas. The lodge is an award winning indian restaurant at shenstone near lichfield.